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25 Years of Rebellion and Autonomy

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"¡Ya Basta!" / "It's enough!" the Zapatistas cried out on January 1st, 1994 and declared war on the Mexican government. They rose up for justice, freedom and democracy and are fighting for them until today - first with weapons, later with political negotiations and the establishment of their own autonomy.

Over the past 25 years, they have thus created their own grassroots democratic self-administration and a solidarity-based education and health system. This enabled the Zapatistas to improve their living conditions decisively. On the other hand, they created a strong social counter-project against more than 500 years of racist oppression and capitalist exploitation. The struggle of Zapatista women in particular is of central importance - not least to overcome their own patriarchal structures.

In their struggle for another world the Zapatistas are searching for allies all over the world. We too have heard their dignified rage. We have been inspired by them and connected our struggles with theirs.

We would like to celebrate these 25 years of Zapatista resistance together with you and look back on these eventful years: the uprising, their impressive autonomy, the many political initiatives and offensives, the national, international or even intergalactic networks. Let us come together to inform and exchange, to learn and laugh, to network and celebrate! Because the Zapatista struggle is also a struggle of joy. May 2019 also be a rebellious year! "¡La lucha sigue!" / "The fight goes on!"



16.12.2018: Rebellion & Biscuits. Kick-off event with film, baking and handicrafts - M1, Mokrystr. 1, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

8.1.2019: ¡Otro Mundo es posible!/Another world is possible. An Introduction to Zapatista Self-administration - Centro Sociale, Sternstraße 2, Hamburg-St. Pauli

17.3.2019: "Los Otros Cuentos/The Other Stories" - Performance with Stories from the Zapatista Movement - Honigfabrik, Industriestraße 125-131, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg


Further events in preparation!


This event series is organized by the coffee collective Aroma Zapatista & friends, the collective coffee roaster la gota negra and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Hamburg supported by Umverteilen! Stiftung für eine, solidarische Welt.

16.12.2018 – Rebellion & Biscuits

Kick-off event with film, baking and handicrafts

With a nice afternoon and a first introduction we start our series of events "Zapatistas - 25 Years of RebellionUprising and Autonomy". Just before the capitalist consumer festival, we want to bake rebellious biscuits and make DIY presents together with you this afternoon. Both young and old are welcome.

Afterwards we will eat delicious Mexican food and watch the Mexican documentary "Zapatistas - Cronica de una rebelión / Chronicle of a Rebellion" (Spanish with German subtitles) from 2003. In impressive original pictures the film shows the uprising of the indigenous guerilla EZLN in the dawn of January 1st, 1994, the attacks of the Mexican military and the various political actions with which the Zapatistas tried to initiate social changes throughout Mexico after the twelve-day armed struggle.

A version of the documentary with English subtitles will also be available for viewing. There will be childcare during the film.

Location: M1, Mokrystr. 1, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

Time: from 2 pm: baking and handicrafts - approx. 5 pm: Mexican food - approx. 6 pm: documentary

8.1.2019 – ¡Otro Mundo es posible!/Another world is possible

An Introduction to Zapatista Self-administration

For 25 years the Zapatistas have been organizing their communal life independently of the Mexican state and on the basis of equality, grassroots democracy and solidarity. Since its uprising on 1 January 1st, 1994, the indigenous peasant mass movement has built up a wide-ranging social alternative in its communities in the Mexican state of Chiapas - including an own school, health and administrative system. Through this organizing process, tens of thousands of people have succeeded in significantly improving their own living conditions, resisting capitalist, colonial and racist power structures, and disrupting internal patriarchal structures. The lecture gives an introduction to Zapatista self-administration. Afterwards, open questions will be clarified and the extent to which the Zapatista self-administration provides inspirations for organizing processes in Hamburg will be discussed.

The event will be held in German, with translations into English and Spanish.

Location: Centro Sociale, Sternstraße 2, Hamburg-St. Pauli

Time: 6.30 pm